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Please submit an online inquiry. Our Sales Consultant will get in touch with you and find out the requirements for your business. Once you have agreed to the quotation, we will assign a Project Manager, who will guide you with your website design and development.

Gotafflair Inc. is based in Manila, and our office is located in Joy Nostalg Center. Our Project Manager is based in Singapore, and they are trained to communicate with the client via email, phone and Skype. There’s no need to communicate with our programmers who are based in Vietnam or India.

Most of our clients are able to write or already have their own contents. Gotafflair provides Copyediting services to make the contents web-friendly and easily digestible by readers. Alternatively, clients who do not have any contents can engage our Copywriting services.

Gotafflair prides itself on providing the best value in terms of Web Design and Development. For example, our web package comes with Copyediting services to make your contents stronger. We also provide quality stock photos from two reputable stock photo banks namely, iStock and Shutterstock for your web designs.

We are providing the same packages as our parent company, Verz Design, but at a discounted price compared to Singapore. If you are only comparing the final price, you will notice that there could be inclusive features that other web developers in Manila are not providing.

In a nutshell, we are able to provide a discounted price as compared to our Singapore’s branch because we are sharing the same operational costs. It is hard to compete in terms of pricing, because another freelancer can just come along and offer something lower. However, we believe that we are offering the best return of investment and value to our clients.

Different web agencies operate differently. Even though Blog and News & Events are already part of WordPress features, these require extra time for us to incorporate the design, programming and training for you. These features are not compulsory, which is why we put them as add-ons, so that majority of our customers who do not require these features will not be overcharged.

Yes, we have a talented pool of graphic designers in our Manila team too. Do feel free to inquire with our Sales Consultant on any Digital or Graphic Design requirements you may have, apart from Web Development.

Our web package allows clients to choose photos from two of the best photo banks in the world. Most of the time, we will be using web-friendly photos, for faster web loading. These photos can be used in Digital Marketing collaterals. However, if you intend to print some of these marketing collaterals, please inform us earlier, so that we can download the higher quality photos for you.

Website loading depends on numerous factors, including Web Hosting. Please find out from our Sales Consultant on how your website can improve in terms of speed loading or other areas.

We have a video and user guide that can teach you how to use the WordPress Content Management System to update your website. As such, there’s no need for you to reach out to us just to edit a few sentences or upload new photos on your gallery. WordPress is also the most common and popular platform, so it is easy for you to find an employee who understands how to use it. This results in cost savings and efficiency for you to manage your own website.

Should you require additional designs or adhoc services, please feel free to contact us and we will be there for you, even after the website has been completed.

You can either engage Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing for your website after it has been completed. We offer both services to drive qualified traffic, as we are a hardcore practitioner ourselves.

To understand the differences and to know which service is more suitable for you, please fill up our inquiry form so that you can discuss with our Sales Consultant your requirements.

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