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5 Web Design Inspirations for 2020

06 November 2019

Article by Beatrice Aranton
Graphics Design by Kirsten Tumbokon


Every once in a while, we come across websites that draw us in. These are the ones that go beyond the boundaries of what is known to be possible on the web. Whether it’s the graphics and animations, usability and interactivity, or just the overall aesthetic the website provides, each of these components weighs its own value and contributes to a website’s performance.

With hopes to see more of these ground-breaking designs evolve in 2020, we have surfaced some web design inspirations that have garnered the attention of awards organizations, and have made their mark this 2019!

1. yo: HA


yo:HA is a company that has been providing students with the optimal boarding experience for convenient college life. Their website has a youthful allure that the generations of today may find appealing. Its use of seamless motions translates to the convenience that their company wants to market. The vibrancy that this website exudes speaks volumes about the colorful campus life that they want to offer their residents, giving them a memorably pleasant educational journey they will never forget.

2. GOvend


GOvend is a company providing vending machines of various beverages and snacks available 24-hours for everyone’s convenience. Intending to entice and sell the appeal of delectable goodies to its market, GOvend makes for a refreshing design that its visitors cannot resist! Once you enter GOvend’s website, it’s like being transported into a world of everything fun and sweet. Its unique transitions and overall look from their homepage down to the last equate to that of what they offer: a whole new refreshing experience!

3. Zoff


Zoff, as a Japanese brand, is fueled by its goal to provide Japan quality, fresh new designs, and fast, reliable service. These goals reflect on Zoff’s website where you will be met with a clean, minimalist layout that showcases its products with incredible imagery. Altogether, these characteristics form a rather compelling website with elements that pop-out: stark contrasts and bright hues that stimulate the sight and show the beauty of living in a world where clear eyesight prevails.



Before their most recent website redesign, Cadogan’s carefully curated website was recognised in the 2019 Awwwards’ pool of victors. As a premium online store with an exclusive selection of apparel and accessories for men, Cadogan embraces the concept of a minimalist-modern approach in its design which shows the precise detailing in which Cadogan wants to convey what they stand for; creating change through sleekness and elegance. The website exhibits the use of warm, saturated hues of deep reds and oranges to show the fusion of masculinity and ruggedness. They take on a bold approach to the way their content is displayed, leveraging a grid-based website design, big typography, executing great visual hierarchy.

5. IELO Design

IELO Design

While IELO’s current web design stays true to their unique branding, their previous website among the 2019 Awwwards winners embodied IELO Design’s taste for sophisticated minimalism.  With the desire of businesses nowadays to dazzle their audience with bold and flashy things, IELO took it down a notch and allowed itself to stray from the usual busy aesthetic that people are accustomed to. IELO Design takes their imagery very seriously; their website is packed with high-quality images that showcase the unique artistic touches that they execute in every project that they’ve done. Their website in itself is an extension of such proof that their company is dedicated to their commitment to creating visually pleasing designs. Each picture you’ll see on their site is an enchanting shot of their best works.

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