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5 Ways to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

20 August 2021


Article by Clement Español
Graphics Design by Josh Saguinsin

Today’s online entrepreneurs succeed more by utilizing eCommerce websites. However, they must stand out from competitors, because others are also setting up their own online stores. One means of doing this is to write better product descriptions. This is one of the first things that online users see once they visit your website, which is why you should put effort into your marketing copy. Here are tips to write better product descriptions that sell well.


Learn your customers’ preferences

By knowing how your customers behave and what they like, you gain a better understanding of what product descriptions they’ll gravitate towards. This lets you choose the tone of voice, length and other elements of copy to use when writing. Knowing customer preferences also helps you stay updated with trends they follow that you can take advantage of, incorporating these into your product descriptions.

Present the benefits right away

Keep customers interested in your product by stating its benefits right away. This way, you save the browsing time of your customers and help them arrive at a purchase decision more quickly. Simplify and organize your product descriptions with bullet points for each key feature. This helps online users read your content. Presenting your product benefits upfront might just influence customers who are in a hurry to buy from you instead of going to another seller.

Provide scenarios or examples

Product descriptions can also become more effective when they give customers ideas or information on how to use the product in everyday life. By providing customers scenarios with the product, you help them envision how the object can benefit them at home or at work. This is especially true for products that not many people might be familiar with yet. By explaining its applications, you educate and persuade potential customers to buy the product.

Assure customers with social proof

Social proof involves positive reviews about a product that come from a customer who bought it. Adding such in the product description helps because they assure your website visitors that the product has gained the trust of many people. Of course, you’ll need to maintain the quality of your products and customer service to receive positive feedback in the first place. When including positive reviews for social proof in your product description, choose those that are simple, detailed and believable.

Use a checklist for final edits

Before you publish your product descriptions, do final edits to help you spot flaws in the product description you may have overlooked. This lessens the need for revisions, maximizing efficiency. You can organize important elements to check for such as grammar, SEO, selling points and more into a checklist to help you not forget. You can also add more reminders in your checklist, depending on the needs or goals of your online store. A copywriter can improve the existing product descriptions in your store as well as suggest ideas for future writing.

Let’s Polish Your Product Descriptions

You’ve learned about the value of effective product descriptions and the many ways you can come up with one. Now, let a team of copywriting experts help you with this to improve your eCommerce website. Reach out to Gotafflair now so we can meet and brainstorm steps to write better copy for your business! With polished product descriptions, you can attract more customers.

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