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Why is Responsive Website Design Important for Your Business?

13 August 2021


Article by Beatrice Aranton
Graphics Design by Josh Saguinsin

Responsive Website Design is actually the solution to a wide range of issues you can have on your website. It not only makes your site mobile-friendly, but Responsive Website Design improves the website’s appearance on devices with both large and small displays, and can even get your website visitors to look around a little longer. Not to mention the impact it will have on your site’s SEO.

Read on to learn why responsive web design is so crucial for your company’s website and why you should start investing in a redesign.

What is responsive design, and how does it work?

Responsive design is a method of building a website that automatically adapts its information and elements to match the screen size on whichever device it is being viewed in. As a result, it makes it easier for users on mobile devices to view content.

The main point of responsive design is to eliminate the need for excessive resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning that users do on sites that are not mobile-friendly. Navigating these sites is frequently challenging, and it may cost you potential clients who feel annoyed trying to figure out how to do things.

What are the benefits of responsive design?

We now live in a society that lives day-to-day with the help of multi-screens. Consequently, it has become critical that your website is viewable on whatever device to ensure that all browsers can easily access it. 

According to responsive website statistics, it’s a good idea to appeal to both desktop and mobile users. Mobile viewers are steadily growing in number compared to desktop users, and this trend is expected to continue as worldwide smartphone accessibility improves. Instead of creating individual websites for mobile and desktop users, responsive websites deliver a unified experience for all users.

Furthermore, Google declared in early 2015 that mobile friendliness would be a ranking component in its search engine algorithms. This meant that sites that were mobile-friendly could lose ground in search engine rankings if they didn’t provide a decent experience for mobile searchers and visitors.  

Responsive web design will assist you in reaching out to all of the users that are looking for you, leading to an increase in  your website traffic. Not only that, but it will also assist you in improving your Google ranking.

Below we discuss the 5 reasons why your online business should switch to responsive web design.


Cost Effectiveness

It might be costly to maintain separate sites for mobile and non-mobile visitors. You can save money by not having to pay for a mobile site if you use responsive design. To appeal to all visitors and devices, you’ll only need to invest in one web design.


Adjustments can be seamlessly made to your website if it has a responsive website design. With a responsive design, it eliminates the need to manage so many websites when you can just update one. Small design modifications such as amending typos among others can be effortlessly done when you only have one highly flexible website.

 Enhanced customer experience

For website owners, the user experience is critical. Of course, you want your website to be as easily navigable as possible for a user experience that will get your site visitors to return. 

It can make your firm appear unprofessional if someone visits your website on a mobile device and it takes forever to load or your photographs aren’t high resolution enough. Nobody wants to do business with an unprofessional organization. 

However, responsive website design provides a superior user experience that can assist in persuading customers to give your organization a chance. Because zooming and scrolling are no longer necessary, content can be viewed more quickly, and visitors will have a much better overall impression.

 Gains from search engine optimization

Many businesses employ search engine optimization, or SEO, as a tactic to improve their search page rankings on Google. The higher up you are on the page, the more likely potential clients will find you.

Responsive design can help with SEO since, as previously said, Google favors mobile-friendly websites. Updating your website to become responsive combined with other SEO elements, can help you get a significant boost in search engine results.

 Easy Managing

Various aspects of your marketing, whether you are a big or small company, will be considerably easier to manage if you only have one website. You’ll never have to wonder whether to link to the mobile or desktop site in a social media post, or if all of your redirect links are working to send the correct people to the right site. Responsiveness alleviates a lot of the burden that comes with running a business website.


Make the Switch to Responsive Website Design with Gotafflair

If the success stories of responsive websites aren’t enough to persuade you to make the switch, consider the cost and time savings. Responsive website design is an essential component of every current online strategy, and it should be included in yours as well. And don’t just take our word for it! Gotafflair’s team of web professionals have gone through numerous tested and proven strategies that result in the success of a wide array of brands in various industries. Let us work with you in achieving a website that will turn your site visitors into loyal customers!


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