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7 Reasons Businesses Should Engage SEO Services

29 January 2020

7 Reasons Businesses Should Engage SEO Services

Article by Cyd Dion Cruz
Graphics Design by Kirsten Tumbokon


A significant increase in the internet’s usage during the previous years has opened up new possibilities for businesses to connect with a broader audience. Thanks to access to the world wide web, brands can now reach customers at an increased rate and have opened up new opportunities for sale, advertisement, and marketing, among others. Although a huge advantage from a business standpoint, it also led to more aggressive practices in marketing and the development of new methods to stay ahead in the competition.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in, or SEO for short. If you are someone who operates a business website, you’ve no doubt heard of the term SEO multiple times, and how it will benefit your site, as well as a multitude of SEO packages being offered by the websites where you did your research.

SEO, in a nutshell, is the practice that multiplies the amount and quality of organic website traffic. This is done by increasing the visibility of sites and/or pages to internet users that use a web search engine like Google or Yahoo!.

This article discusses the top seven reasons businesses should engage SEO services, and why you should consider checking out one of those SEO packages offers soon!


7 Reasons Businesses Should Engage SEO Services

1. Good SEO leads to good UX

Good SEO leads to good UX

Good user experience, or UX for short, is one of the most important facets of running a website. Because let’s face it, if a visitor didn’t enjoy his stay with you, you can bet that he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. The worst-case scenario is that he might even avoid your website entirely when he sees it on the web search results in the future!

Users will most likely land on your page expecting to see the information that they’re looking for. If they’re having a hard time finding it in a few clicks and scrolls as possible, they’ll leave to search elsewhere.

Additionally, the Googlebot, Google’s very own web crawler software, is the one responsible for giving pages visibility and is the primary reason that some rank on the search results’ top 5. This software has been built to determine whether a user has had a positive or negative experience on your page, and will be a vital factor to your website’s success.

To summarize, keeping your visitors happy will give you the visibility you’ve wanted.


2. Good SEO leads to high organic traffic

Good SEO leads to high organic traffic

Organic traffic refers to the visitors that landed on your page through unpaid search results, most likely a result of them coming directly from a search engine upon inputting certain keywords. This is a stark contrast to paid traffic, which basically means that a page visitor found your page through a promotion, an advertisement, or a referral from another site.

One of the main benefits of high organic traffic is that it is an important element of successful user engagement and conversion. Simply put, more page visitors equal to more clicks.


3. Good SEO is cost-effective


Good SEO brings in all the organic traffic without the hassle of spending for advertisements and promotions, which can be greatly advantageous especially if you’re running a small-scale business and are just starting up.

Once you’ve successfully managed to get a page on the top of the search results, it can essentially continue to bring in organic traffic for a long period of time, even more so if the page has quality content and is being updated periodically. Unless the Google algorithm gets changed or competitor websites start to improve their SEO game, it’ll be incredibly challenging to pull you down from your ranking.

Lastly, once one of your pages has reached the top of the search engine results, this may lead users to believe that your website is trustworthy, leading to more organic visits to your other pages.


4. Good SEO establishes brand-awareness

Establishes brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is one of the key stages of promoting a product and building credibility. As mentioned before, good SEO practices will eventually net your website a spot on the top search engine results, and this will sooner or later provide potential users and customers the awareness that your services or products are trustworthy.

This, in turn, will give you more clicks and page visits and will keep you at the top for a longer period of time, leading to more exposure from internet users.


5. Good SEO will take you ahead of the competition

Take you ahead of the competition

Pages on your website that have managed to outrank your competitors’ will obviously place higher on the search engine results, effectively making your site look more trustworthy and credible than theirs.

SEO practices are continually changing and improving and with Google updating their algorithm on a constant basis, it’ll give websites the push to stay up to date with the proper methods and strategies.

Stay on top of the SEO game and your website traffic will keep increasing as time goes by.


6. Good SEO focuses on your intended target audience

Good SEO focuses on your intended target audience

SEO is focused and based on keywords, which means that the web search results that will show depend on what keywords the users type in. In other words, reaching people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer is what good SEO practices do best.

A few simple yet effective methods on how to optimize keywords for your website or web pages include identifying keywords that will be used often by your target audience, incorporating them to your page metadata, and updating or adding a headline using said keywords. Execute these methods properly, and you’ll be on the top search results in no time. Consulting with specialists and writers that have extensive experience in SEO works as well and will be worth the investment!


7. Good SEO practices have a clear goal

Good SEO practices have a clear goal

SEO practices, despite the steep learning curve, always have a clear goal from the get-go – to end up at the top of the organic search results. Besides the already-mentioned benefits of having search result visibility, studies have shown that the top Google results garner roughly 33% of organic traffic, compared to the 18% for the second.

Another clear goal that comes with it is the trust and name-building for your target audience. Your search result rank wouldn’t last long if your page visitors don’t trust you and the services or products you offer. Without the users to bring in the organic clicks, your website traffic will slowly plummet.


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