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How to Create an Attractive Careers Page

11 January 2021

how to create an attractive careers page

Article by J.C. Yee
Graphics Design by Vargheese Martin


For many employers, finding the right talent can be quickly done by sorting applicants by their background and skillsets. However, for applicants, finding the right company can be a bit of a risky task. Unless you create an attractive careers page for them, you’d find yourself going through the hiring process all the time.

Save your company the time and resources it would usually take for hiring and replacing a resigned employee. By investing in a dedicated Careers page on your website, you showcase everything your company has to offer for an employee.

Here are 5 tips you should consider when creating an attractive Careers page for potential job applicants.


5 Tips to Create an Attractive Careers Page on Your Website

1. Showcase your company culture

showcase your company culture

Some of the reasons employees quit their jobs are lack of opportunity and a toxic workplace environment. Attract the right people by dedicating a section on your page for your company culture.

Explain how the company treats its employees, show some pictures of employees in-action and describe what a typical day would look like in the office. Showing off your company culture will provide a potential applicant with an idea of your brand’s personality.

If your culture appeals to them, it’s already a sign that the company is their ideal workplace.

Verz Design’s Careers Page is an excellent example of one that shows company culture.


2. Write for your ideal candidate

write for your ideal candidate

They say that you are what you think, and rightly so. When designing a careers page, the content doesn’t have to appeal to all kinds of candidates. It just needs to attract the employee/s you are looking for.

Establish what kind of characteristics you need from an employee, and your careers page design process will be easier. Create an attractive careers page that helps you match with the applicant allows for a mutually beneficial work relationship in the future.


3. Share company benefits

share company benefits to create attractive careers page

Every applicant is always looking for company benefits when finding a job. You’ve probably done it yourself before, too. Having the right set of benefits allows employees to feel valued and refrain from leaving their job, so be sure to outline the benefits people get when working for you.

If possible, try to leverage the fact that your company offers benefits not found in any company in the industry. Who knows, maybe it can be the factor that would make them decide to join your team.


4. Provide testimonials from current and past employees

provide testimonials from current and past employees

When buying a product online, you would always go straight to product reviews and testimonials to ensure that the product is good and that the seller is reliable. Similarly, having a testimonial section from your current and past employees will help solidify your claims of being the ideal employer or company.

Testimonials provide multiple perspectives for your future employees, and it’s powerful enough to convince applicants to join your company. Remember, your employees are your best brand ambassadors, so it would be good to ask them for some testimonials.

It would be beneficial to show they’ve grown professionally, the things they like the most in the office, among other stuff.


5. Make it easy to apply for a job

make it easy to apply for a job

Of course, you want those who browse your Careers page to apply for a job opening, especially when they possess the key attributes you’re looking for. However, you have to make sure that applying from your careers page will be a breeze. Otherwise, you would’ve just wasted all that effort when you create an attractive careers page. Here are some more pointers to help you:

  • Keep your list of job openings updated as often as possible. Don’t publish job openings that have been closed for weeks or months. Otherwise, you might end up having a bad reputation for it.
  • Provide complete descriptions of a job. List down the requirements, the responsibilities, and what a typical day would look like for a person with that job.
  • Ensure that the user can easily accomplish the application form. Don’t ask for too much information, make sure that your page doesn’t freeze, and send an automated email that acknowledges their application.

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