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Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2021

02 March 2021

Why your business needs a website in 2021

Article by J.C. Yee
Graphics Design by Jericho Ramos

If you survived the awful year that is 2020, then by now you should have already realised why your business needs a website.
The past year already taught us that digitalization is the future because it connects everyone and keeps an economy afloat. Just think about the number of jobs lost and the businesses still trying to survive in an ongoing pandemic.

With the power of technology, companies should harness the unrivalled potential of bringing their business online to future-proof their business and overcome challenges in the years ahead.

And when we say online, we’re not just talking about social media. We’re talking about a legitimate business website.

5 ‌Key‌ ‌Reasons‌ ‌Why‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Business‌ ‌Need‌ ‌a‌ ‌Website‌ in 2021

Strong Business Credibility

Strong business credibility

When you look for a company, you always go to the internet. Now imagine that someone heard about your company, but then they go to Google, and your company isn’t even there. What does that say about your business?

In the world of business, credibility is key. If people want to learn more about you, you need to have the necessary online presence. Otherwise, you’ll lose the chance to make a potential sale.

Having a website gives legitimacy to your business since it acts as your online calling card. Think of it as your business’ Tinder profile. People may have the chance to like you or take a pass, but at least you have the opportunity to gain a new customer. If you want to raise your bets, then invest in a much better website.


Brand Awareness

brand awareness

As mentioned above, having a website for better reach and brand awareness across multiple target groups. When you create a website, you tap many potential customers who can make your business thrive.

Suppose you think your Facebook or Instagram page is already doing good. In that case, you have a high chance of further succeeding with a website. Why? Because having a website allows you to rank #1 on Google. It may not be an easy task, but with a solid content strategy, you can build your way up to Google search results.

Once you’ve made your way to Page 1, then your business will be the first thing anyone will see when they look for the products and services you offer. This is in contrast to social media platforms where follower count matters more. With the help of branding techniques on your website, you can also impress and improve your reach in no time.


Content Customization

Content customization

On social media platforms, image quality is always compressed and cropped to suit each platform’s requirements. On the other hand, having a website gives you unrivalled flexibility regarding which content to post and what kind of content to publish.

Your content can be suited to multiple target groups, unlike on social media, where it can get flooded by other pages’ posts. You can also organize your content properly for future visitors who wish to know about your company with a website.


Brand Application

brand application

Like what we said above, having a website also allows you to customize almost anything you want to show online. You can have a dynamic website with multiple effects to appease your audience or have a simple corporate website if your target group prefers precise information.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have better opportunities to apply your company’s branding to establish your mark in the industry.
As you already know, social media is often restricted to images and videos. As a result, creativity is constrained. There’s also little to no room for innovation in giving consumers the brand experience they deserve.


Better Return on Investment

better return on investment

Building a fantastic website this year will offer you much better investment returns because people are spending more time online. Social media may be a good option for you. Still, you might find it hard to stand out from the rest unless you have an excellent social media manager.

As mentioned, a website simply offers a certain level of legitimacy which any social media platform cannot have. Once you succeed with the website you’ve longed for, you can already expect your market presence and sales to jump. Plus, managing a website doesn’t require a whole lot of technical expertise. When you engage professional web developers like us, we’ll teach you to manage your website once it’s up and running.

Come on. It’s 2021. It’s high time you get a website.

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