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5 Types of Blog Posts That will Boost Website Traffic

22 April 2020

5 Types of blog posts that will boost website traffic

Article by Danielle Guerrero
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Hit a wall and ran out of ideas for topics on your blog page? Don’t worry, the world is an ever-progressing, forward-propelled world. There is an endless stream of ideas you can write about. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you generate that latest blog post you’ve been working on for some time now.

Blogging is a must-have tool for your business to share insights, establish a business presence in the industry, maintain site traffic, and so much more. These posts give a glimpse of what they can expect from working with you. It is, therefore, imperative to update your blogs as often as possible.

Readers strive for variety. But it does not mean you have to offer completely isolated articles constantly. There are general types of blog posts that you can play with while continuously producing new content that your readers will enjoy. More importantly, having these on your blog will attract new users and help increase your brand reputation.

No more hassle! Below are 5 types of blog posts that will drive more traffic to your website.


5 Types of Blog Posts that Will Drive More Traffic to Your Website

1. How-To Guides

How to guides blog posts that will boost website traffic

You’re sure to encounter How-to types of blog posts. And the reason? People need step-by-step guides to do anything novel (anything out of the routine). Take advantage of this demand by coming up with your own steps but make sure you incorporate your own touch and build your identity. This type of article is in demand because it saves time. You can offer this convenience by enumerating the steps clearly. Your step titles should be concise enough for readers to be able to understand it without reading deeply. Offer further explanation afterward, in case there are more complex specifications. As added packaging, you should also be able to catch readers’ attention with the perfect blog title. For tips on creating an effective blog title, click here.

But then again, how do you own your How-To articles? Find a different perspective, shorten the process, and don’t be afraid to share your innovative methods. The best way to attract attention is to lead by example. If you are able to present examples of your own work that employed your process, then you’ve already got simple advertising going on. Of course, don’t forget that blogging is a tool to help you promote yourself. Casually insert services that can help them if they are unable to do the steps themselves.


2. Data-driven Stories

Data driven stories blog posts that will boost website traffic

Authoritative article types of blog posts are heavily supported by research, statistics, and field experts’ findings. Mere hearsays and opinions don’t develop your credibility. You will have to rely on expert findings and recognized authorities in the field to support your claim. This is why it is important to have posts that explain thoroughly researched subject matters. You don’t only save your readers’ time, but also establish yourself as an authority in your field by writing authoritative articles.

As with any research, choosing a topic is a very vital step. Look for an interesting, relevant, and up-to-date topic. You may introduce your topic by citing a recent finding that has surprising results then you may dive deeper into the topic.

Facts and figures backup your points very well if used appropriately. Additionally, present opposing points of view to show that you’ve studied well. Make sure that your article ends with a clear conclusion and provides answers or recommendations for further action.

Ultimately, you are presenting like an expert. If the article does the job of convincing your readers about your expertise, be sure to have quick links to your services.


3. Tips and Secrets

Tips and secrets blog posts that will boost website traffic

They say that everything is on the internet. But that’s not true at all. You will always have cards up your sleeves that your viewers would clamor over. Besides, revealing secrets make people feel like they are getting an exclusive service. How you utilize the most common resources can be a unique practice. But how you maintain and uphold practices can be just as unique. Don’t think of secrets as big exposés, rather, create a sense of scarcity of information.

Apart from disclosing your practices and tools, you give a glimpse of how you come up with your finished products. However, this does not mean that you’re giving away your services for free. Take it as a chance to display your assets.

Use this blog opportunity to show the tip of the iceberg then tease about the whole iceberg that you can offer.

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4. Corporate Culture

Corporate culture blog posts that will boost website traffic

A happy workplace is filled with employees that generate top-notch outputs. You can only share so much about your promises of a job well done through your portfolio. Let your company’s culture speak for itself.

Occasional posts about company tours and activities is a refreshing read. You would want to come across as a fun-loving and adventurous group especially if it suits your branding. What if your image is far from it?

Your company culture is evident in the working environment, both physical and social. Paint a picture of your workplace. How does it help in your productivity and facilitate employee development? How do you make sure that your team members make significant contributions to your outputs? Narrate the atmosphere you’ve created and how these established parameters specifically translate to a tangible result.

For example, we at Gotafflair showcase our company culture on our blogs when we write posts about team building activities, hallmark events, and employee accomplishments.


5. Beginner’s Guides

Beginners guides blog posts that will boost website traffic

The path to success is never a flowery road. It is inevitable to encounter challenges that go beyond what you’re prepared for. Be an inspiration and tell a story of some challenges that came across your path.

These stories do not only teach, but also demonstrate strength and resilience. How were you able to accept failure and rise above the hurdle? Who helped you? And above all, what did you gain from those setbacks? Ingenuity goes a long way. Highlight the actions that set you apart from the usual course of action. There’s nothing to fear from being vulnerable at this point. Remember that the importance of this story is that you present yourself as sturdy and reliable. Assure your readers that you’re not just another name, but a stronghold that can guarantee their success.

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