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How to Write Website Content that Sells

01 January 2020

How to Write Website Content that Selss

Article by Beatrice Aranton
Graphics Design by Kirsten Tumbokon


When creating compelling pages for websites, it’s often difficult for marketers to come up with great copy that can convert visitors. It can be challenging to think of ways to keep your visitors engaged enough to click from webpage to webpage until they eventually decide to snag your offers.

Keeping visitors interested is no coincidence. Based on proven results seen over the years, copywriters follow a marketing formula that was structured by observing various marketing situations and narrowed down four simple steps that consistently managed to persuade potential customers to avail of their products or services.

The AIDA Web Copywriting Formula

The AIDA formula was invented to help smoothen out the process of writing website content or web copy. This method has withstood the test of time in all its effectivity, which is why marketers still make use of this formula even now in the digital age of marketing.

Each letter in the AIDA formula has corresponding meanings which stand for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

These words communicate the progression from when a potential prospect first encounters your brand leading to the point where a sale is finally made. This makes the AIDA formula a vital factor in the field of content strategy. In this article, you will read about what this formula is, as well as how to apply it in writing website content that will not only entice visitors, but turn that interest into action in the end.


A for Attention

A for Attention

In this first step, you need to devise ways on how to spark-up your website content to grab your visitors’ attention. In order to do that, you must first know the people entering your website as well as the questions, problems, situations they may have and wish to change. Identify your market and understand them. From there, you will be able to come up with ways on how to present your product or services as a solution to these problems.

To help you start off, you can ask yourself the following questions: Who are you writing to? What is the problem that concerns them the most? How will your market talk about their problems? Specifically, how can your products or services solve their issues? Put yourself in their shoes and try to see how you can use these consumer insights to come up with the right powerful words and concepts for your headlines that can effectively resonate with your audience.


I for Interest

I for Interest

Once you’ve managed to grab your readers’ attention, this is the step where you pique their interest by presenting your unique selling proposition as the answer that they have been searching for. Build your story by appealing to your audience with the benefits of availing of what you offer. You can back your statements up with relevant information that solidify your engaging headline.

In terms of design, you can further enhance how you tell your story by emphasizing your main points. Keep it short and sweet, and make the important stuff stand out by writing them in bold fonts or using larger text sizes. By doing this, you are cutting straight to the point and easily feeding them the information they need to know without having to go through the entire page.


D for Desire

D for Desire

This step is where it gets a little more challenging. Yes, they may already like your product, but you need to lead them to the conclusion that they need to have it. Your website content here should be able to evoke an emotional response from your prospects by painting a picture of how exactly your product or service solves their problem.

At this point, it is important to give your customers reasons to trust you. You can establish an emotional connection between your brand and your customers by presenting the desirability of your product in a tone that personally speaks to them. Instead of just describing what you offer, you can capture your audience’s imagination by creatively relaying to them how purchasing your products or services can better their lifestyles. Make use of compelling words that would get them to believe that by proceeding, they are making the right decision. Additionally, you can leverage on the fear of missing out, or FOMO, by creating urgency and scarcity in your marketing message to help speed-up their buying decisions.

A for Action

A for Action

Now that your reader has made it this far, it’s finally time for you to close the deal. Lay down the beneficial outcomes that your customers will receive, as well as the instructions on how to buy and what happens after they make their purchase. The best way to prompt your customers into action is to make use of calls-to-action or CTAs. Calls-to-action are short statements that guide visitors on what to do next. This is also the portion of your web copy that needs to be the strongest since calls-to-action are what guarantee customer conversion.

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Devising great content strategies is the first step to any attempt at improving one’s business. The AIDA formula is a copywriting framework that will most definitely help you create website content that can make an impact on your target audience. Here at Gotafflair, we promise our clients consistency in delivering quality content. Our team of copywriters has developed the proficiency in using the formula to every marketing success, ensuring you that your website is designed and catered with content that can boost your chances of having customer conversions.


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