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Gotafflair, A Professional Web Design Agency in Manila

15 February 2019

Gotafflair, a Professional Web Design Agency in Manila

Written by Nicole Serrano
Graphics Design by Jericho Ramos


Are you looking to start your own website for your business? Have you been searching for the keywords “Web Design Manila” which may have led you to this page? Well then, it seems that our little test succeeded, proving our expertise and effectiveness in SEO ranking.

If our guess is right that you are searching for a professional web design agency in Manila to cater to your needs, then read on because we might just be what you’re looking for.

Gotafflair is a web development agency based in Manila that provides end-to-end web solutions. As a subsidiary of Verz Design, the number 1 web development company in Singapore, we leverage our skills and experience as we have worked on over 3000+ projects since 2009. Our aspiration to become the leading web design agency in Manila fuels our passion to offer digital marketing solutions to growing businesses nationwide.

We are an agency comprised of well-seasoned and creative professionals that are results-driven. Having an in-house team means that all your requirements are handled in one roof. This gives us the opportunity to fully immerse in your brand, enabling us to create marketing initiatives that are suitable for your business. This also allows us to work in a clear direction with a more efficient and effective workflow process.

We embody the spirit of excellence in all that we do as we take the initiative in providing value-added services for our clients. Since the internet is a competitive market, you need to be sure that you’re tapping the right agency that can deliver your business goals, backed up with its years of experience and expertise in design and technology.

At Gotafflair, we consider each project a family affair as our dedicated team put their best foot forward in meeting your requirements. Here’s why Gotafflair might just be the perfect match for you.


7 Reasons Why Gotafflair is the Web Design Agency for Your Business

We specialize in this all-in web design package that covers essential requirements in a professional and customized WordPress website. This value-packed bundle includes:


1. Two Professionally-Crafted and Customized Home Page Designs

Two Professionally-Crafted and Customized Home Page Designs

“Creativity in Design, Diversity in Style”

We assign two designers to create one homepage mock-up each so that clients can enjoy the variety in styles as they make their decision. Often, other agencies would only get one designer to create different designs for the client to have options. This approach does not always guarantee the expected variation in techniques and final output.

We believe that in having two, there is more creativity allotted in the project and there is diversity in style.


2. Two Professional Stock Photo Banks

Two Professional Stock Photo Banks

“Royalty-Free Images for Quality and Impact”

In every project, we acquire royalty-free images from two renowned stock photo banks including the prestigious istock.com. Stock photography gives you the same kind of quality you get in hiring a professional photographer, minus the hassle, time and labor involved. With stock photos, you have the capability to maintain your brand identity and you also get rights to these high-quality images that we’ll be using in our designs.


3. Copyediting Services to Ensure Web-Friendly Content

Copyediting to Ensure Web-Friendly Content

“Design Attracts, Copy Sells”

Copyediting deals with fine-tuning the existing content provided by the client, to make it web-friendly and aligned with the brand. This includes proofreading, paraphrasing, checking for grammatical and spelling errors, ensuring language and voice is aligned with the overall theme, content organization and strategic presentation of information through bullet points, graphs, tables, and illustrations.

Along with all these, we will also propose web-friendly headers and marketing taglines for your banners.


4. Custom WordPress Programming

Custom WordPress Programming

“Customized Solutions Tailored for Your Brand”

We always use the up-to-date version of WordPress in developing our websites. This enables us to create specific functions and tailored solutions that are compatible with WordPress’ architecture.

Our basic package includes programming and content adding of up to 10 pages.


5. Customized Thank You Page

Customized Thank You Page

“Value-Added Experience for Every Client”

A Thank You Page is the landing page where visitors are re-directed upon submission of an inquiry form or after purchasing an order. It serves to acknowledge the conversion made by the customer, but it also presents an opportunity to engage them even further. It can be used to display promotion, showcase the blog, show customer feedback or lead them to other parts of the site.

All websites built by us are inclusive of a customized Thank You page to create a good lasting impression on our clients’ customers. Since we apply the same practice on our own website, we know that this is an opportunity to create a relationship with potential customers.


6. On-Page SEO and Google Analytics

On-Page SEO and Google Analytics

“Be where your customers are searching”

All websites developed by us are inclusive of on-page SEO service and Google Analytics set up. This is done to optimize your website to show up in search engine results through modification of title tags, headers, URLs and other elements that support your ranking. This also involves internal and outbound links, having a responsive design and the strategic use of keywords.

We will also set-up a Google Analytics account for your site, in order for you to track traffic, page views, bounce rate, top devices used to view your website and so on. These pieces of information will help you determine what necessary actions to take in order to improve your website performance.


7. Anti-Hack Features

Anti-Hack Features

“Website security is our top priority”

Security is a top priority in all of our websites. While WordPress has inclusive security features, there are additional plugins that we will implement to ensure the effective safety and security of your website. This is to safeguard your site against hackers and malware activities.


Web Design Services in Manila — Let’s Start an Affair!

A website is an investment because this brings your brand to a whole new level of opportunities in the online platform. With that said, you need to do thorough research and choose the web design company that works for you best.

We know what a professional business requires for their website. Having been in this business since 2009 with over 3000 websites under our belt, we have a solid portfolio of diverse and renowned clients showcasing our quality and diversity in our skills and experience.


Start a web affair with us. Contact us at 798 8195 or email us at nicole@gotafflair.com for a free consultation!


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