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Top 10 Important Elements You Need in Your Website

27 March 2019

Top 10 Important Elements You Need in a Website

Article by Nicole Serrano
Graphics Design by Jericho Ramos

A website is considered as your first point of contact with your potential customers. Whenever a person is interested in a product or service, they would usually go on Google to search for websites that can provide them with what they need. If your business doesn’t have a website, then it’s time to reconsider this. But it’s not enough to have a website; it has to have the essentials that can guarantee its effectiveness in the online platform. As such, we believe that a great website should be able to attract, retain and sell to the browsers, converting them to inquiries, and eventually to customers.


What can make a great website in Manila?

Applying the method that best works for us in Verz Design, the three most important attributes in a website are – Awesome Designs, Compelling Contents, and Qualified Traffic. The top 10 elements that we believe should be implemented in a website will be divided into these three main attributes accordingly.

Custom Layout

1. Custom Layout

We build designs from scratch. Based on the contents that have been discussed with the client, we will create a suitable sitemap and create an original design from there. We will assign two of our professional web designers in Manila to come up with one mockup each so that there is a variety in style and in design.

Attractive Banners

2. Attractive Banners

A web banner is the first thing that a visitor will see on a website. We modify this and make sure that it is designed strategically to drive browsers to explore the website and to check out the other important pages.

High Quality Photos

3. High Quality Photos

We use high-quality images that we get from iStock and Shutterstock. By using high-quality stock photos, we are getting the same quality as with photographers without the extra costs, time and labor. With these royalty-free images, we can also have a better hold on the design approach that best works for the website and is fit for the industry.

Mobile Responsive Feature

4. Mobile Responsive Feature

All websites done by us are automatically mobile responsive. Since most of the people nowadays are on their smartphones and tablets, we understand that this has become part of the standards on a website. We implement the responsive framework approach in all of our websites so that no matter the device used to view the site, the design will adjust accordingly.

Customized Thank You Page

5. Customized Thank You Page

A Thank You page is the landing page where a visitor is directed to upon making a conversion on the website. Since this is the parting image, a customized thank you page can be a good way to create a good lasting impression on the visitor or to engage them even further through promotions, customer feedback, blog, or by redirecting them to other parts of the website.

Top 10 Important Elements You Need in Your Website | Web Design Services in Manila

Compelling Contents

Catchy Slogans

6. Catchy Slogans

Slogans or relatable quotes can resonate with a viewer’s interest or emotions. Aside from having an attractive banner, the slogan that comes with it must be customized to engage readers. This is another opportunity to pique their interest and to get them to stay on your website.

Customized Headers

7. Customized Headers

Apart from just using headers like About Us or Company Profile, we brainstorm and customize these to ensure they are more engaging and SEO-friendly. Headers, when utilized to your advantage, can serve your SEO well and increase your website’s chances to appear on top of search engine results. An example of what we do would be using “Singapore’s Leading Web Design Agency” under About Us instead of just sticking to “Company Profile.”

Original Contents

8. Original Contents

For our copyediting service, we will send clients a questionnaire that they can fill up in order for us to better understand their business and copy requirements. Clients will also provide us with their existing original contents and from there, our copywriters in Manila will copyedit and make sure that everything is easily digestible and web-friendly. Good contents can elevate the credibility of the company.

Top 10 Important Elements You Need in Your Website | Web Design Services in Manila

Qualified Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

9. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy of gaining visibility online in search engine results through organic means. There are various techniques that fall under SEO, and everything takes strategic thinking and time to make these effective. Our standard WordPress package is inclusive of on-page SEO and Google Analytics integration.

Search Engine Marketing

10. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another type of internet marketing that boosts rank and visibility in search engine ranking pages (SERPs) through ways like pay-per-click ads and paid search marketing. Unlike SEO that needs time invested, patience and extensive research, SEM can easily gather immediate and specific traffic. Nevertheless, both SEO and SEM can drive qualified traffic to your site, hence the need for the two to be implemented when creating websites.

Engaging Web Design Solutions in Manila

Our tried and tested method based on the following elements mentioned above has brought us over 3000+ projects in the past ten years in Verz Design. Now, it’s time to go to great lengths and extend our web design services in Manila and to the rest of the world.

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