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5 Essential Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

01 April 2020

5 Essential Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer

Article by Cyd Cruz
Graphics Design by Ryan Rivera


One of the best ways for your website to gain all the traffic it needs is to make sure that its design, layout, and content are up to your audiences’ and the Google bot’s standards. While the content and layout of a website is an integral part of website design, photos, icons, and illustrations are no doubt still as important as the rest.

The creation of these is what we normally call graphic design, and it caters to a user’s aesthetic preferences and triggers their senses through vivid imageries, remarkable charts, and eye-catching symbolisms. Knowing this, it comes without a doubt that the importance of graphic design for your business is something that you should keep in mind.


5 Traits That Make a Great Graphic Designer

While there is no specific formula for the perfect graphic designer, there are certain traits that one must possess in order to get far in this line of work. As a business owner, if you plan on hiring a great graphic designer or graphic design services to make your business stand out in Manila then these are the qualities that you have to look for. 


Passionate and driven

Passionate and Driven

Designing different kinds of infographics, logos, and imageries require a lot of time and effort. Designing is a rather gruelling task, and usually involves editing and improving even after regular work hours. As such, good graphic designers have to be prepared to give their 110% for every project they’re doing in order to deliver what their clients want.

Any regular designer will be put off with the prospect of working long, arduous hours just to cater to every client’s whim. But a great designer will take requests to edit, revise, and improve what they’ve produced as a challenge and a chance to perfect their craft.

To properly provide the designs that you would want your users to find in your website, your graphic designer has to be driven and passionate in their work.




As a business owner, talent is wasted if your graphic designer isn’t reliable and constantly fails to deliver on promises and deadlines. In the world of web development, time is money, and delayed projects and posts will cost you a lot of lost opportunities and income, especially since page rankings are competitive enough as it is.

A great graphic designer will always strive to reach deadlines, no matter how tight they are. That being said, it’s also essential that the designer’s output is high-quality and done with the utmost care. Good balance between quality and timeliness is an absolute must!



Great Graphic Designer Has Unique Creativity Level

Quite similar to being a great web designer, it’s also important for a graphic designer to possess an adequate amount of creativity, as well as the ability to incorporate that creativity into their work. Even creative designers can struggle when creating output for their work, especially if what their designing isn’t within their area of expertise or if they aren’t used to designing for a specific industry.

Being able to communicate your services and intentions effectively for your target audience using imageries and symbolisms is a mark of a good graphic designer.


Good communicator

Great Graphic Designer Has Good Communicator Level

Any graphic designer that is worth hiring will be able to properly communicate with you when relaying all the content you would want to see on your website. If your graphic designer is sending out regular updates on the progress of the project, then you might just have found the right one! Besides this, it’s also essential that a designer will be able to tell you if new issues or obstacles present themselves during the course of the project.

It’s also important to note that since great graphic designers do possess creativity, they might have ideas on what can be done to improve the status of your website. The ability to tell you all these properly and without any misinterpretation is vital for client-designer relationships, as well as their own personal growth.


Has the willingness to learn

Great Graphic Designer Has The Willingness To Learn

No matter how good a person is in a certain field, it is imperative that they always see themselves as individuals that still have room for improvement. Being content with their abilities and closing off opportunities for growth will not only hinder their development but will also likely instill in them the thought that they’ve learned everything there is to learn in their craft.

Great graphic designers will always strive to refine their skills and abilities and adapt to the ever-changing standards of graphics design.


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