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Graphic Design for Businesses: Why Go For a Graphic Design Package?

25 December 2019

Graphic Design for Businesses: Why Go for a Graphic Design Package?

Article by Miguel Santico
Graphic Design by Kirsten Tumbokon


Though we may not be aware of it, we are surrounded by graphic design. The Apple logo, the font Dior uses and even the brochure you picked up the other day, are all products of graphic design.

Apple, Dior and the brand whose brochure you picked up made use of graphic design because they know they have to distinguish themselves in their respective markets. Without graphic design, they would not have been able to establish their brand identity and stand out.

Graphic Design is a fundamental tool that’s used to communicate a brand through logos, fonts and brochures in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. It is a tool that all brands must have handy if they want to flourish. Without graphic design, it is extremely difficult to draw the attention of customers.

With the purpose and objective of sending a message and catching an audience’s attention, it is a visual solution for the problem of, “How do I immediately and effectively tell my consumers about my brand?”

This article talks about the top five reasons why companies should consider graphic design services for their brand.


5 Things That Make Graphic Design Important for Your Business

1. Good Design Creates a Good First Impression

Good Design Creates a Good First Impression

When it comes to first impressions of a brand, people judge based on what they see. They will judge a brand based on its logo, brochures, business cards and others, and to make a good first impression, these tools have to make an impact.

Perception of a brand based on design comes down to the quality of the design and the message that the design sends.

The quality of the design simply refers to how good the design is. Is it attractive? Does it stand out? Does every detail serve a purpose? These are the questions that come up when it comes to design quality.

The message that the design sends, on the other hand, talks about how the brand is being portrayed through design. The colors, fonts, layout, and more tell the audience what the brand is all about.

Your audience’s first impression will dictate the nature of your relationship with them, so an aesthetically beautiful design with the brand’s identity at its core are fundamental. It is important that from the get-go, your target audience is attracted to and has an idea of who you are as a brand.

What it takes to impress from the start are designs that are not only unique and top quality, but thoughtful as well. This means that they must not only be creative, they should be able to tell your brand’s story as well.


2. Exudes Professionalism

Exudes Professionalism

In the previous point, we talked about the quality of the design and the message that the design sends as two different factors. For this point, the quality of the design is a message in itself.

Graphic Design speaks volumes about the brand or company’s way of doing business. Well-thought-of designs show professionalism and a commitment to delivering quality products or services, while designs that were made just for the sake of having them displays a lack of the qualities that make a company reliable.

For example, what is the process of selecting the colors for the logo or the business card? Were they just randomly chosen or do they serve a purpose? Details like these greatly affect how your audience sees your brand, making it important to invest in professional graphic design.

Design quality sends an important message and it is directly related to how much faith your consumers have in your brand. The more you invest in design, the more you are investing in how your audience sees and feels about your brand.

When you invest in excellent design, what you get in return is your audience’s perception of your brand as trustworthy and reliable.


3. Helps Establish A Brand

Helps Establish a Brand

Through design, you distinguish and establish your brand. You tell your audience who you are as a brand by having designs that are not only unique, but represent who you are.

People associate your designs to your brand. Your logos, brochures, catalogs and business cards represent who you are in the industry and remind people of your brand easily.

Take one of the most established brands in McDonald’s, for example. When people see their logo, the golden arches, they immediately know that it can only be McDonald’s.

Their design is penetrating also because they make use of colors that effectively communicate their brand to their target audience. They take advantage of how colors, typefaces and layouts evoke an intended emotion, and that this emotion becomes the message as to what the brand is all about.

This is more possible and easier with the help of professional graphic designers who will ask you what message you want to send your audience and help you send it in the most efficient and aesthetic way possible. They create designs that catch attention and tell your story, leading to brand visibility and establishment.


4. Better Consumer Rapport

Graphic Design Betters Consumer Rapport

More than just being able to effectively send a message, design is one of the ways in which audiences relate with and are attracted to brands.

With a design that sends a clear message, the target audience easily and naturally resonates with and is drawn to the brand. When consumers can understand what a brand is about through their design, they can connect with it more.

Going back to the example of McDonald’s, they make use of colors that send their target audience a message of who they are as a brand. In turn, their consumers know who they are and that they can trust McDonald’s to provide their needs.

Professional designers are experts in making designs that send precise messages to accurately and effectively tell a brand’s story. They don’t just design to make something look pretty, they design to tell a story that audiences can appreciate and relate to.


5. Improves Sales

Graphic Design Improves Sales

People are attracted to unique and beautiful designs and this attraction makes them want to know more about the brand behind the design. The more consumers your design attracts, the higher the chances for conversions.

Your consumer’s journey begins when he sees something of yours that he likes. Let’s say it’s your brand logo. From this attraction, he becomes intrigued and wants to learn more about your brand. Maybe he takes a brochure or a business card.

In this journey, design plays a crucial role in impressing consumers towards a potential sale. From getting them attracted to getting them to act upon that attraction, design literally displays your brand.

A design that is of premium quality tells an audience one thing: that the brand or company that is symbolized by the design values quality. It shows a commitment to providing the best products or services, and this moves them to trust and have confidence in your brand.


Paint your picture through Graphic Design with Gotafflair!

In summary, graphic design services plays a vital role in establishing and communicating your brand, drawing the attention of your customers, and improving your company’s conversion rates.

In the end, investing in graphic design services is the same thing as investing in the perception that consumers have of your company. Since they can only think about your company based on what you show them, it is up to you to make sure that they like what they see.

At Gotafflair, we believe that good design can spell the difference between awesome and mediocre.

Learn more about our how we can help you tell your story through visuals with our expertise in graphic design.


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