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What Qualities Make a Great Web Copywriter

18 March 2020

What Qualities Make a Great Web Copywriter

Article by Cyd Cruz
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In an era where content is considered as one of the biggest money-makers in an online business, web copywriting is considered to be an important profession, especially if you want a good and lasting presence on the internet.

It comes to no surprise that writing is considered a difficult task, even more so when it’s one of the main reasons that keeps customers flocking to your door. We aim to provide a couple of the important qualities that make a great web copywriter.


5 Qualities that You Should Look for in a Great Web Copywriter

Granted, every web copywriter possesses his or her own writing style, work ethic, and outlook on certain aspects of writing, but behind every successful copywriter is a set of qualities that sets them apart from their peers. Although this article doesn’t cover every single quality, it does provide the important ones that you should look for in a good web copywriter.

1. Patience


Oftentimes, the copywriters are the ones who conduct the majority of prior research for writing a certain topic. Researching and combing through pages and pages of information that relates to the topic at hand is a tedious but necessary task, especially if they want the article to contain certain information that cannot be seen on other websites.

An article that lacks the proper research and inspiration will most likely lead to more mistakes and revisions once it’s completed, requiring good web copywriters to possess the right amount of patience to slog through all these research obstacles in order to produce an outcome that suits the needs of your website and its users.


2. Willingness to learn

Quality of a great web copywriter - Willingness to learn

A good web copywriter knows that his responsibilities don’t start and end within the confines of his workspace. Granted, almost everyone has their own style of writing, but a writer must know that languages are constantly evolving, with new words and slang being invented every single day.

Although part of a web copywriter’s responsibility is to have the willingness to constantly learn about how everything is shifting, no matter how stressful and time-consuming it may be, it doesn’t stop there. One must also take steps to keep up with these changes and apply them to their current writing practices and methods. In short, a good copywriter won’t simply just stay content on the knowledge he possesses in regards to the profession, but will also seek the need to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from the rest.


3. Adaptability and openness to criticism

Adaptability and openness to criticism

In a professional setting, having a proposal shot down by your supervisor or a client is a rather common occurrence. The same goes for web copywriting. No matter how good a web copywriter under your employ is, revisions and changes to his or her article will most likely be needed after the initial submission.

A good web copywriter will always take your criticisms and requests for revision as learning points and take the necessary steps to adapt to your wants and needs. Any web copywriter worth their salt will also take note of your comments and ensure that they apply the lessons they’ve picked up in future works, thus eliminating the need for repetitive corrections.


4. Discipline


As with every profession, proper discipline is essential for every copywriter. With the demand for good copies on your website, a keen eye to detail is an absolute must. Although there is no such thing as a perfect website, one must always strive for it and avoid producing content that is done with little to no effort or care.

In a profession where the criteria for being the “best” changes constantly, good web copywriters must always stay on their toes and make sure that they, obviously taking into account the quality, put importance on pushing out copies for your website in order to garner attention from your audience. Because if your users fail to see a certain topic on your page, chances are they’ll start looking for it elsewhere. This is why setting deadlines, and sticking to them, is an essential part of being an effective copywriter.


5. Understanding of how SEO works

Understanding of how SEO works

Since websites are the platforms where our content is shared, it’s important that a good web copywriter understands how they rank in Google’s search results. Though Search Engine Optimization requires constant research and an in-depth comprehension of its ins-and-outs, one can start with the basics of SEO writing.

These include certain practices like incorporating keywords into articles, writing unique titles and content, and using internal links, to name a few. While they seem insignificant to a website’s overall design, a great web copywriter knows that proper SEO implementation will do wonders for a website’s traffic and bounce rate, which are two of the many things that should be considered as essential.

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