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Things to Do Before Engaging a Web Design Agency in the Philippines

18 December 2019

Things to do before engaging a web agency in the philippines

Article by Beatrice Aranton
Graphics Design by Ryan Maverick Rivera

Choosing The Right Web Design Company

Manila houses a lot of web design and development companies you can choose from. Figuring out which agency is the perfect fit your business is a critical decision and can be a daunting task. Since your website is what forms the initial impression of your prospective customers about your business, choosing the right web design and development company can be the key to jumpstarting your success.

In selecting a company, finding the right answer is achievable by asking the right questions. No two web design agencies are the same, and by asking the questions stated in this article, your long list of potential web development companies to choose from in Manila can be shortlisted to the ones who can best deliver according to what your business needs.


10 Things to Do in Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

1. Know if the is work done in-house or outsourced

Know their work: in-house or outsourced

Don’t be afraid to ask this question; you can benefit a lot by knowing about this. Nowadays, while most web design agencies still hire in-house employees to work for them, there are also companies who opt to source-out their creatives. But, we cannot deny that good communication among people is still practiced by working closely together. By asking how their projects are done, you are finding out about how the work flows in the company, how the synergy among the web designers and developers is, and if the teams and key people have good communication and teamwork.


2. Look into their past projects and clients

Look into past projects and clients

Here, a web design company’s portfolio is of key importance. This shows how the web design company’s expertise in its industry is shaped by experience. The businesses they have worked for speak volumes about how flexible they are in working with different kinds of clients in various industries. You can just ask to review actual projects they worked on, much better if they show you live websites to better gauge if what they can do lives up to what your business requires.


3. Identify their services and capabilities

Identify their services and capabilities

You might think that it’s better if the web design agency has consistently done works for one industry. Let’s say if they have done a lot of websites for interior design firms, then they must really know a lot about interior design, right? That may be the case, but it also means that they have probably worked on many other interior design websites that could possibly look alike. Find out if their services and capabilities are customised to build you a website that’s unique, and if they are well-versed in creating marketing strategies tailored to your business in order to surpass your competitors.


4. Know how the agency motivate its designers to be better at their craft

Know how the agency motivate its designers to be better at their craft

This is to ensure you that all the web designers and developers in the agency are able to deliver competent and quality works. Believe it or not, quality works may depend on the talent and expertise of the designers, but it also has something to do with how the web agency keeps them on their toes; how the agency motivates them to always strive for the best.

At Gotafflair, motivation in the company comes in the form of quarterly Vivace awards, which gives recognition to the designers who have succeeded in delivering fresh, unique, and quality designs that have pleased clients.


5. Determine your requirements

Determine your requirements

You need to list all your requirements specifically prior to meeting with the web agency. Be specific with everything you need for your website as this helps the agency list them down in the quotation. Web designing is a creative process that takes time to complete depending on how specific you are with the information and feedback that you provide designers with. If you are detailed about what you want to happen and how you want your website to turn out, designers will be able to work better on how to create it according to how exactly you want it.


6. Establish when you want your website to go live

Establish when you want your website to go live

What is the target date you want your website to go live? Make sure to indicate to the project manager or the salesperson in charge of your project when your deadline is. You need to find out whether they will be able to deliver and finish your project in the time you want it to go live.


7. Be informed of the agency’s design and development process

Be informed of the agency's design and development process

Every web design and development agency has a systematic approach to achieve a successful website. Finding out about a web agency’s design and development process helps give you an idea about what the timeline is gonna be like and possibly how long the entire project will span. You can be looped into the stages of the design, how many revisions each stage requires, and see which parts of the process you need to be most involved with.


8. Know how much they prioritise SEO

Know how much their prioritize SEO

We now live in a digital world where online visibility has become a crucial factor for any business owner with businesses online. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO goes into the spotlight. There are many ways to maximize the use of SEO in website building. Good web development agencies will know how to implement SEO in developing your website to make it visible enough to rank in search engines. Try to see if the web agency not only prioritizes the visual aesthetics of your website, but also focuses on incorporating SEO practices in their web design and development process.


9. Be aware of the company’s size

Be aware of the company size

How big the company is lets you in on the structure of the organisation: who are the key people you need to get in touch and work closely with? On top of these, a big company takes time to build its name and reputation, therefore the size may also tell about its longevity in the business. See how long they’ve been around, and if their plans to grow further reflect in how they prioritise not only to deliver quality works, but to pull-off a smooth, hassle-free web development process to achieve high customer satisfaction.


10. Identify your budget and the price of the service you want

Identify your budget and the price of the service you want

Your website, when done right, will be like the best employee in your business that never takes a day off and is accessible 24/7. Maintaining such an essential aspect of your business comes with a price. Good web design agencies in Manila will discuss your business goals and marketing needs first and will offer you web design and development packages that can cater to these needs. Just look at it this way: to help your business effectively grow in the long run, you need to be willing to invest in building your website and see it as a cost-effective solution that can yield high return on investment for your company.


Choosing the Right Web Design Agency the Right Way

Once you find the right web design company that you can trust to achieve your goals, your job becomes much easier and you can focus on what you do best. At Gotafflair, we are confident in our expertise, and we prioritize helping you grow your business by carefully analyzing your business needs and providing you with customized web design and development solutions that can best cater to these needs.


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