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Why Website Maintenance is Very Important for Your Business

22 February 2021

why web maintenance is very important for your business

Article by J.C. Yee
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Website maintenance is necessary for any business that wants to stay fresh in the online world. Like in any other situation, maintenance enables operations to go smoothly, giving everyone peace of mind in their daily lives. Similarly, a website maintenance plan allows for better user experiences since it alleviates known errors or bugs.

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics and discover how website maintenance works and benefits your website.

5 Reasons Why Maintenance is Important for Your Website

Guarantees Security

web maintenance guarantees security

Keeping your website updated with robust security protocols allows it to become guarded against potential attacks. Such attacks include data breaches, hackers or even malware, which can harm your site once it becomes vulnerable. If you have an eCommerce website, these attacks can leak sensitive information that can tarnish your users’ privacy.

For instance, Contact Form 7’s version 5.3.2 update came with a potentially harmful unrestricted file upload bug. Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. Over 5 million active sites have installed this form. Without dedicated website maintenance resources, site owners might not be aware of this problem until their site gets attacked.

Gotafflair has a dedicated maintenance team that will help you detect these types of problems, which can be your site’s Achilles’ heel. Contact us to learn more.

Keeps Your Site Running Smoothly

web maintenance keeps your site running smoothly

Part of the usual site maintenance runs is keeping your site features and plugins updated. If your site is running on an otherwise outdated set of plugins, then you run the risk of webpages crashing, slow loading speed, among other things.

The sooner your site stays updated, the sooner your users will experience a smooth browsing journey. However, keep in mind that there are certain functionalities that you shouldn’t update right away.

Some websites don’t update to the latest WordPress versions because there may be some incompatibility issues with existing features. As a safety measure, always have a dedicated developer or website administrator who’s privy to your website’s technicalities. They are the only ones who can assure that your website will run in optimum condition all the time.



Investing in a long-term maintenance plan is much more cost-effective than paying the cost of the problems that you’ve brought upon your website. If anything, costs won’t be simply limited to potential repairs and recoveries.

Not having a regular maintenance team will cost you revenue and loyal customers who are undoubtedly hard to come by these days. You could also face several lawsuits from them if your carelessness caused your users’ private information leak. That’s another cost slapped against your company.

When it comes to website maintenance, prevention is indeed better than cure.

Easy virus removal

easy virus removal

Instead of installing costly antivirus software on your computer, a website maintenance package will help you detect harmful content and clean up your website as soon as possible. What’s good about it is that it can easily override viruses or malware, unlike antivirus technologies which still require admin permissions to do the best action possible.

Keep in mind, though, that no one is 100% protected against malware and viruses. But with a dedicated website maintenance team, your site will be less prone to these things. This provides you with peace of mind for your business and customers.

Regular backups

regular backups

Part of anyone’s website maintenance plan is having regular backups in case anything goes wrong. This is especially helpful for websites that regularly update their inventory and content. Backups protect you from losing essential and sensitive data as they act as a safety net for recovery.

Engage professional web development agencies like Gotafflair. We can provide you with automatic weekly backups for your website, on top of prompt support for your website in case disaster strikes. We know that website maintenance is not every website owner’s cup of tea, so allow us to help you with all your website needs.

Ensure your site’s optimum condition with Gotafflair. Contact us at sales@gotafflair.com for a free consultation.

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