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How to Promote Your Website in a Cost-Effective Way

06 November 2020

How to promote your website in a cost-effective way

Article by Cyd Cruz
Graphics Design by Vargheese Martin

Now that you’ve finished creating your website, the next step for you is to share it with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, getting your target audience to visit and engage with you isn’t as simple as launching it and waiting for clicks to come flooding in. Without advertising and marketing, your website is as effective as a fishing line without a lure. Promoting your website in a cost-effective way is a smart thing to do, especially if you’re a start-up business.

There are a variety of ways to promote your business online, but the simplest ones often involve paying for ad placements. Unfortunately, some start-up businesses don’t have the luxury for these kinds of campaigns. Luckily for you, promoting your website doesn’t always have to involve spending money on advertisements. There are cost-effective ways to do this!

This article discusses five website promotion tips that you can do to get your page up to the top of search engines.

5 cost-effective ways to effectively promote your website

1. Improve website SEO

Improve website SEO

Before you start working on your website content, you’ll need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It’s a process of improving your website quality to increase its visibility. Design the right SEO strategy with a professional SEO service provider that will help you promote your website. Using traditional SEO, you’ll be able to get natural traffic & a higher ranking.

Your focused keyword should also be added in the title, headings, content, and meta description. If you’ve used images, don’t forget to add the alt tags onto them.


2. Start a blog

Start a blog

Whether you’re running a small or big business, blogs are an asset. For inbound marketing practices, it is essential.

Starting a blog can increase your website visibility on search engines and improve your conversion rate too. Google always gives value to websites that are adding fresh content. Blogs are a great way to achieve this. It is also a good way to make your business more credible and cost-effectively promote your website.

3. Focus on quality content

Focus on quality content when promoting your website

With SEO and blogging out of the way, do remember that quality will always trump quantity. Focus your efforts into writing quality content that sells instead of numerous features that no one will find useful.

Anything you put out that helps your users can be considered quality content. Blog articles, services, products, and even small tidbits of information that can answer your users’ questions can fall under this.

It can also refer to anything that search engines consider worth sharing. If you regularly put out quality content, you can expect to gain visibility, rise up the SERP ranks quickly and promote your website cost-effectively.


4. Improve your social media presence

improve your social media presence to promote your website

Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to find someone who doesn’t have a social media account. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, gaining a follower base on social media has never been easier!

Most social media platforms allow you to run an account and interact with your target market. Keep your audience engaged with your daily posts & exciting offers.

If you provide helpful & useful updates, your followers will share it. That is how you can increase your engagement on social media. Through THIS, you can drive a massive amount of traffic in a fraction of a second, in a cost-effective way, at that.


5. Try out email marketing

Try out email marketing

Email marketing is also an effective way to promote your brand without spending too much. Worldwide, there are about 3.9 billion people who use email as a way of communication.

That’s a lot of potential customers! When creating emails, keep your messages short and write an effective and inviting CTA. Customise your newsletters and emails to better fit in with the target audience you’re aiming for. Remember, people enjoy receiving personalised messages!

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