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5 Web Design Software You Should Use For Web Development

16 July 2020

5 web design software you should use for web development

Article by Danielle Guerrero
Graphics Design by Vargheese Martin

Web development requires careful planning and management by people with attention to detail and a knack for creativity. We are in an advanced era where various software have been developed to help these creative minds in crafting websites at faster speeds and greater complexity. We have to take advantage of multiple software and use them wisely from start to finish.
With all the software you can find, free and paid, it can be confusing to pick just one for each task. You’ll have to choose software for designing your website, managing content, a platform, web graphics, web design, and project management to keep track of everything.

Through our years of experience in web development, we’ve tried quite a handful of software. And after thorough exploration and comparison, there were some that stood out, both in efficiency and output. We will share with you the best software you can use for your end-to-end website development.


5 Best Web Design Software for Web Developers

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a good web design software

Brought to you by the renowned Adobe brand, Adobe XD is a collaborative web design software. It features a small toolset that is much easier to use than most existing design software. It is specially marketed as being purpose-built for web designing.

Adobe XD prides itself on being a pioneer software from Adobe that caters to real-time coding. Meaning, instead of submitting one design after the other and collating them into one, later on, Adobe XD lets you edit the same project with others at the same time. Nothing is on par with seeing your team’s progress right before your eyes.

Since Adobe XD was developed specifically for web design, it also offers a prototyping feature which partially enables trial of the real website’s navigation. You don’t have to go over and over the design’s supposed purpose when presenting to clients. Instead, you have the option to send a link that redirects to your prototype that opens in your browser. Clients can also leave comments and suggestions right in the project with its built-in commenting feature.

Adobe XD aims to be the industry standard for web design. And with all these features, we can see why it has the potential to be just that. This handy web design software is just the right tool for your web design project.


2. WordPress

WordPress is a good web development software

WordPress started as a blogging site over ten years ago. Over time, it was developed to be an all-around website content management system (CMS) that you can use to manage all of your website’s content.

WordPress is the most famous and widely-used CMS to this day and there are many reasons why it deserves to be. First of all, WordPress is absolutely free and provides essential plugins for business websites. You may have to pay a minimal fee for additional features, but its basic version is totally free. The sign up only takes minutes then you can be on your way to construct your site already.

Various people use WordPress, from total beginners to professional coders. The big community is a testimony to how WordPress is very easy to use but also a marvel for coding. You can expect it to be similar to a word processor in its user interface but with additional buttons for basic coding which should not be a problem even for people without any knowledge about coding. Being so, there shouldn’t be any worries about managing your website by yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Still not convinced on why you should choose WordPress? Well, some technical aspects that you might be worrying about are SEO, plugins, and mobile-responsiveness are already covered by WordPress, which is exactly why it is the choice of many website owners.


3. Shopify

Shopify as an eCommerce web development software

E-commerce websites require more than just an upfront store catalog. You’ll need an eCommerce platform that can support your online transactions. We use two of the best eCommerce platforms: Shopify and Magento. Both are very excellent in their outputs but have different pros and cons.

Shopify offers different plans for your projected number of sales. You’ll have to estimate this number early on for you to subscribe to the most appropriate plan. But Shopify redeems itself with its Level 1 PCI DSS compliant security that will protect your website automatically.

Shopify is highly recommended for website owners who have minimal to no experience with eCommerce websites. This is good news for those who need their website running as early as possible.


4. Magento

Magento as an eCommerce web development software

Most established brands use Magento for its ability to support thousands of sales. But unlike Shopify, you will have to ensure your security yourself. On the bright side, this leaves you with the option of availing stronger protection for a longer period of time.

Your website was built to cater to your users. And with that in mind, Magento lets you customize your website to the fullest extent, letting you modify the tiny details to match your user’s profile.

This article discusses how to choose the right eCommerce platform, be it Shopify or Magento.


5. Asana

Asana is a good web design project management software

Keep track of your progress and tasks with your team using Asana. Asana is a project management software that uses the kanban board method. The kanban board method visualizes progress by categorizing tasks, written in cards, into columns. It is especially useful for projects that require simultaneous tasks.

Asana is very intuitive to use even for starters. Its drag feature allows for simple moving of tasks from column to column. Additionally, Asana does not only offer kanban boards. There are options to view tasks in list format, calendar, and timeline. Other useful features include the collation of forms, threads, and files. It is very ideal for teams that want a shared cloud.

For big teams, it can be hard for the person in charge to track each member’s current work or their accomplishments. But with Asana, assigning tasks and updating assignees are so much easier. For individuals, they are also given a “my tasks” page to list tasks that have been assigned to them.

As a leading web design and web development company, we highly recommend Asana for your project management needs if you’re in need of visualization and overseeing tasks and progress. The sign up is very easy as well so you’ll get the whole team into the software in no time!

Website development requires creativity, efficient management, and careful planning. With software that we ourselves have used, the development process stays on track as the whole team works on different specialties.


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